Sunday, September 09, 2007

Look what I found!

I have been doing some research for Tevye who leaves for his trip to Gdansk in a couple of weeks. His father left Gdansk (then Danzig) just before the Second World War, and Tevye has long wanted to visit to trace his family roots. I found the address the family lived at in 1939, pinpointed it on Google Maps and Google Earth ... and then found a website with photos of Danzig taken in 1928, including this one of houses in Ankerschmiedegrasse, as the street was then known. I wonder whether Tevye's father grew up here, or just lived here towards the end of his years in Danzig?


Love2Learn Mom said...

What a cool picture! The internet is so amazing for making connections. I reconnected with my godfather via the Internet after having lost contact with him for about 25 years.

Melissa Wiley said...

Wow, what a shot! Amazing how much smaller the world has become b/c of the internet, isn't it? And bigger, too, at the same time!