Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wheezles and Sneezles

This morning Little Cherub informed me "I've got sneezles", and indeed, like Christopher Robin, we are all suffering from wheezles and sneezles in some degree. If coughs are a symptom there is a strong possibility that some of us also have phtheezles.

I'm hoping we will still be imitating Christopher Robin tomorrow:

Christopher Robin
Got up in the morning,
The sneezles had vanished away.
And the look in his eye
Seemed to say to the sky,
"Now, how to amuse them to-day?"
Cherub is at that endearing stage where she can articulate what is wrong, but sometimes loses things in translation ...

Me: Is your throat sore?
Cherub: No!
Me: Does it hurt inside your neck?
Cherub: Yes!

She was also keen to make clear that despite being decidedly warm she was not poorly and should not be given medicine (Calpol), which she hates. "I not need medicine" she informed me ... then, winningly and clearly playing what she considered her trump card ... "I is not crying!"


Rebecca said...

Oh no! Not phtheezles! They are the worst. :)

Hoping you are all better soon.

Missus Wookie said...

Hope the phteezles along with their friends all leave quickly.

It was my children not knowing what calpol was that convinced my in-laws that they were truthfully being raised in weird and outlandish ways...

Melanie B said...

Oh I hope she gets better soon. I love those tactics. Bella's latest when denied something she wants is to say, "I don't want (whatever it is she's begging for)."

Dorothy said...

Poor cherub! She sounds such fun, though!