Friday, December 26, 2008

5 Things I Love About Christmas

1. Carol Singing on Christmas Eve in the High Street. In the evening the Salvation Army and the Rotary Club organise carol singing for the town - the Salvation Army band plays, Santa visits in his sleigh and throws sweets to the crowd, carols are sung, and Christmas spirit prevails. In good weather years like this one the crowd virtually fills the High Street.

2. Midnight Mass. I don't go to Midnight Mass now as it wouldn't work for our family, but in the days before children I loved it. Even in my atheist-agnostic-former-Methodist days I used to go to the Midnight service at Christmas.

3. Christmas Trees. Other Christmas decorations I can take or leave - all it takes to make me feel festive is a Christmas tree. Tall or small, real or artificial, themed or eclectic. Any Christmas tree will do. (If you are wondering, ours is medium-sized, artificial, and this is an eclectic year.)

4. Christmas Presents. I don't think I am a particularly materialistic person, but I love giving and receiving Christmas gifts. I even enjoy Christmas shopping, particularly since the internet took the pressure off. Seeing a big pile of presents under the tree gives me the same thrill it did as a child.

5. Christmas Pudding with brandy butter, custard and cream ... or with brandy sauce and cream. Either way is perfect. I even used to eat Christmas pudding for breakfast on Boxing Day, but sadly my stomach has passed the age when it can cope with ridiculously rich food for breakfast.

HT: Sandra


Sandra said...

I'm glad you did this one too, I loved your list :)

And you can tell Star that the header is beautiful, she did a wonderful job :)

Shari said...

Sadly, I've never had Christmas pudding or brandy butter and I've heard it is no good trying to make it here as our suet is just not the right stuff. Good thing really as it is gross.... Merry Merry Christmas!!