Friday, December 19, 2008

Muddy Puddles

Inspired by Peppa Pig, Little Cherub wanted to go jumping in muddy puddles with her new flowery wellies.

She had a lovely time ...

... until the inevitable happened.

Poor Cherub. She was most distressed by the blob of mud that went down her boot!


Meredith said...

Horrifying :) I love it that she's such a girlie girl!! My boys would have kept on tromping until they and everything around them was covered!

Debbie said...

Oh that is funny! Jumping in mud puddles was a favorite activity for my girls when they were younger. Of course, now that they are 22,21 and 18 they avoid mud at all costs. Well, except for the 21 year old sometimes since she is a runner.
Thanks for the blog comments by the way!