Friday, December 05, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

-- 1 --

Little Cherub outgrew her last pair of miniscule wellies (waterproof rubber boots) so I bought her new pair. A pink, flowery pair. She is delighted with them - so delighted that she is sitting next to me on the sofa wearing a pink spotty hooded dress, tights, and yes ... wellies.

-- 2 --

This year the feast of St. Barbara (December 4th) passed me by in the haze of wheezles and sneezles, but next year we will definitely be copying Erin's idea for celebrating this day. As an unrepentant chocoholic this has to be one of the best liturgical year activities I have ever seen.

-- 3 --

What to do when you are laid low by the sneezles? Download this iPod Touch / iPhone app. Many happy hours of timewasting are guaranteed. If you can get the iPod back from timewasting daughters, that is!

-- 4 --

I promised to take Star Christmas shopping tonight. Wheezles notwithstanding, we are going to have to go as her school shoes are falling apart yet again - letting water in and disintegrating from the inside out. Marks and Spencer has now officially failed the roadworthy school shoes test, along with pretty much every other pair we have tried. It seems manufacturers do not realise that some children have long walks to and from school, and therefore need shoes that will stand up to real use. To be fair, one Clarks pair did last two terms, but their shoes fail the Star pickiness test. So far, Angel's cheap discount store pair are holding up surprisingly well, so I'm hoping we can find something there. School shoes and Christmas shopping ... it's going to be a long evening.

-- 5 --

Did you know that if you can't find purple and rose candles for an Advent wreath, white is the liturgically correct colour? I didn't until this week. So it was lucky that white was the only colour I could find on Saturday, having forgotten to pick up a box of red or gold ones in the supermarket as I intended.

-- 6 --

I just realised with utter horror that if you add together the weights of all three of my daughters, the result would be pretty close to my own weight. Admittedly both the older two are very, very slimline, and Cherub is tiny ... but even so!

-- 7 --

For UK readers ... Tesco are selling beautiful, big poinsettias for £2.49 each. I bought one yesterday and it looks gorgeous - so much so I think I will go back and get a couple more. And they are guaranteed to last until early January. Though sadly, they are not guaranteed against plant-watering failure.

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Jan said...

I added together my children's weights in March last year. They were 11, 22 and 33 kg, and I was 66. Then I did the same this year, after they had all grown some, and realised that I still weighed the same as the sum of them. Oops.