Friday, July 25, 2008


I accepted some time ago that I am a failed FlyBaby and do better with the Motivated Moms planner. I downloaded the page-a-day option for 2008 ... and drowned in a sea of paper. In the end I decided I needed a simple to-do list rather than my paper ocean.

I use and love Google Calendar, but unlike iCal they have no to-do function. After bit of rooting around the internet I found ToodleDo ... and I love it almost as much as I love Google Calendar. It is the final piece in my organising jigsaw.

ToodleDo is both simple and flexible. To-do items can be allocated to dates and folders, given priority levels and set to repeat. I entered my Motivated Moms tasks for a couple of weeks, set to repeat daily, weekly or biweekly as appropriate. Then each month I look through my Motivated Moms checklists to add any extra tasks. I now have my own personalised housework checklist. The calendar feature on ToodleDo allows me to see the tasks I have lined up for each day. If things don't get done, it is easy to reallocate them to a future date.

But the absolutely best thing from my perspective is ...

ToodleDo works with Google Calendar

Once a connection to your Google Calendar is set, a little check box appears for each day. Click on the check box and it gives a dropdown ToodleDo menu, which makes it possible to both check off and edit tasks directly from Google Calendar.

It gets better. There is a slim version for iPhone / iPod Touch, which means I can manage my to-do list from my Touch as well as from both the desktop and laptop computers. And I notice there is now a new iPhone application that will allow me to use ToodleDo offline while I am out and about. Other options include Twittering your tasks, emailing reminders to yourself (be your own FlyLady!), linking to iCal, adding ToodleDo to your Google home page, and adding it to the Dashboard on a Mac (this is the one feature that wouldn't work properly for me).

And one more advantage ... it is free. There is a Pro version with additional features, but the free version is working fine for me.


Mary G said...

... genius, pure genius! THANKS!

Karla said...

I found this post while googling, trying to find an iPhone app for using my housekeeping tasks. I too am a failed FlyBaby. I'm already using ToodleDo but not sure why I hadn't thought of using it for housekeeping chores. I didn't realize you could email yourself reminders. Brilliant!