Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Constructive Use of Time

I spent a very large chunk of this morning trying to build this Playmobil castle for Little Cherub to play with.

It hasn't been out since before Cherub was born, the instructions are long gone, and it had got tangled up with bits of an old style magician's workshop.

After peering at pictures on ebay, I finally managed to get everything together into a credible looking castle.

Aren't you impressed to hear what a constructive use I make of my time.



Missus Wookie said...

We still have all the various bits to build huge universes out of Playmobil.... I'll get the kids to dig it out for the next gathering :)

Elizabeth said...

Looks constructive to me! We had the same problem with some hand-me-down playmobil. I think I found some obscure website with photos... but have lost the link.

Shari said...

Yes, I am impressed! What could be more constructive than constructing??

Karen E. said...

I am QUITE impressed that you did it without instructions! I put the fairy tale castle together one Christmas Eve, WITH instructions, and was up very, very late .... :-)