Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rumer Godden Rumer Godden by Anne Chisholm

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have enjoyed a number of Rumer Godden's books and read the first volume of her autobiography a few years ago, so this caught my attention when I spotted a used copy. I thought Anne Chisholm did a pretty good job of telling Rumer Godden's life story and giving me a feel for her character. She had access to Rumer herself, her friends and family, and family papers, so the biography comes across as quite authoritative. Rumer's life was so bound up with India that in some ways the book is as much about the country as the person. I find the history of British India fascinating, so it is no surprise that I enjoyed the read. I was disappointed, though, in the treatment of Rumer's conversion to Catholicism. I wanted to know about her spiritual journey and the impact of faith on her character and writing, but the biography glossed over this. Her conversion was mentioned but never really explained.

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