Saturday, March 08, 2008

Google Calendar Glee

My love affair with Google Calendar deepens. I have made two new discoveries.

1. Google Calendars can easily be imported into iCal. That means I can then synchronise my calendars with my iPod Touch. As they are read-only in iCal I can't add to or amend them on my iPod if it is offline, but I can at least check my diary. If it is online, then I can add to the Calendars directly through Google Mobile.

2. I can set my menu plan up as a Google Calendar. This means:

  • I can adjust my menu plan as necessary according to what is on the calendar. We are going to be out one evening? Bump dinner to another night at the touch of a button.
  • I can see my menu plan at a glance on either computer or my iPod.
  • I no longer have to print out my menu plan and / or remember which computer I used to compile it.
Who would have thought a mere calendar could be the cause of such delight?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Breath held in delight.

Just got a Mac not so long ago...and haven't yet geared up iCal because, well, I love Google Calendars.

And the idea to do a menu on them...oooo.

I really need to get caught up so I'm a more regular reader of yours! Thanks for the tips! :)