Thursday, July 03, 2008

Walk, Cycle, Step and Row to Rivendell

I have been plugging on very slowly in my attempt to complete the Eowyn Challenge and walk to Rivendell. Very slowly indeed. I planned to do the full 458 miles in a year, but here I am half way through the year with only one quarter of the distance completed. A combination of illness and reluctance to get out there and walk, come rain or shine, has left me potttering along at snail's pace, as you can see from my sidebar.

The time has come for action! I have joined the gym at the local leisure centre. I know from experience that once I get into the swing of it I will exercise far more if I have committed myself by paying for the privilege. Sad, but true. So as of tomorrow, I will not only be walking to Rivendell, but cycling, stepping, rowing and cross-training my way there.

That should get the miles ticking away faster.

Is that cheating?


Melanie B said...

cheating? No, if the goal is exercise, however you get there seems fine to me.... so long as it's not by car.

Missus Wookie said...

Tom didn't just walk either so I don't think it is cheating.... although I'll go with Melanie on the car being a bit too far. :lol: