Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halcyon Days of Summer

9:55 pm. Loud giggling from our bed. Including very loud two year old giggles. So much for "we'll take her with us and get her to sleep while we watch the TV in your room" from Angel and Star. But sleep or no sleep ... there are few things nicer than hearing three sisters laughing together.

So far this summer holiday has been a delight, largely because everyone has been getting on so well together. Last summer Angel and Star were a pair of grouches. There is a three and a half year age gap between them, and at twelve and eight it was a huge chasm. Angel was growing up fast and irritable with her younger sister; Star was a little girl who resented being treated like one by big sister. This year, at thirteen and almost ten, the gap has shrunk again and they are back to enjoying each other's company. And both of them adore Little Cherub, who in turn is thrilled to have her big girls home more.

What is more, the sun has been shining all week.

Halcyon days indeed!

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Dorothy said...

Glad your summer is going so well. Mmm...fresh peas!