Monday, January 22, 2007

We finished it!

After a weekend of hard work, Star's room now looks much brighter and fresher.

The star duvet cover came with a second one free, which has the same star pattern on one side and a very bright giant star pattern on the other. On the bed are Barry (large, rainbow coloured snake), Harry (small giraffe) and Garry (hideous bright pink cushion), a large koala bear beanie baby, and a much loved guinea pig beanie baby. There are two calendars on the wall, one acquired free from a Chinese restaurant and the other with pictures of kittens. Star always tends towards the eclectic.

As the matching star curtains were too small Star opted for plain white. (Good idea about the border, Dorothy, if only I could sew!) We managed to make space for musical instruments in the corner. The blue carpet is old and past its best, but will have to survive for a while yet. I'd like to find a rug to brighten it up.

The toy box - underneath the bear mountain - used to belong to me when I was a child, though it was recovered when Angel was little. Star (pulling silly face!) is sitting on a beanbag with a cover described in the catalogue as "Mongolian fur", which looks very much as though someone has skinned a yak. Star loves it. In the corner (just out of the picture) are two of these storage units from Ikea. Ours have a mix of deep and shallow boxes, and are my best ever storage buy - any toys or craft items with lots of bits and pieces go into them.


Jennifer said...

Loved it - a skinned yak! LOL! The stars are great though, more my speed.

Anonymous said...

Love the socks!

Karen E. said...

It looks lovely! Such clean, clear walls ... my girls' walls are covered with posters and "Must Keep" pictures .... :-)