Sunday, January 07, 2007

Prayer request updates

Mum is home with us and doing well. She is already more mobile than before her operation and in less pain, though her poor leg is still very sore and bruised from the surgery. All being well, it is now just a matter of time and exercise. We are planning to keep her here for another ten days or so, by which time she should be fit enough to manage at home on her own without it being a struggle.

My brother is well! It turned out that he was initially misdiagnosed, and was actually suffering from a severe infection. The doctors couldn't pin down the cause of the infection, but whatever it was it responded to a lengthy course of heavy duty antibiotics. He had a final scan last week and has been signed off as fit. The antibiotics left him tired and ill, but now he is no longer taking them he has bounced back and will be able to start work again next week.

Baby Jonathan still wasn't gaining weight and is now being tube fed. He put on nine ounces last week, so hopefully he will soon be big enough and fit enough for his heart surgery. Prayers still needed!

Thank you all!

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Romany said...


So glad that your mum is on the mend. Has she moved house yet?

Our friends with the Down baby went through that surgery last year. She is doing so much better now, really coming along in her development, growing well, fewer life-threatening infections etc.

Hopefully, when J has the surgery it will transform his little life.