Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Plan vs. Reality

A good day! Definitely the best this week, which has been rather chaotic due to a combination of my disorganisation, children having meltdowns, and neighbour kids having to be rescued from school due to various ailments (I had a car and my neighbour didn't). We managed to get through almost everything on the list ... though I have to admit that if I hadn't posted it here, I would not have got through as much.


  • Both
    • Religion - read Saints for Young Readers for Every Day
    • Geography - read one chapter of 52 Days by Camel
    • History - read two chapters of Number the Stars; watch second half of 1940s House video
All done!
Also all done. Angel was determined to beat her score on the African countries game, so repeated it a couple of extra times.
  • Star
    • Geography - notebook page about Morocco
    • Maths - do next exercise in My Pals Are Here 3A Practice Book
    • Latin - copy out 2nd declension noun and begin to learn. Revise cases.
    • Narration - section on young King Alfred in The Nursery History of England
Star wanted to do the African countries game too, so she did that instead of the notebook page. She also did some research on supermarket websites to see what Fair Trade products they sell for a questionnaire she brought home from Brownies (her pack are doing a World Issues badge this term). Her maths got left until the afternoon, then didn't get done. I was only going to give her half an exercise, so she can do the whole of it tomorrow instead.

  • Be up, showered and dressed by 8.00am
Does 8.10 count? I have to admit that if I hadn't put 8.00 in writing, it would definitely have been later.
  • Do ironing
  • Update accounts on MS Money
  • Take Star to opticians for eye test
All done, though I didn't start the ironing until 9.15pm ... and if I hadn't listed it here I would not have done it tonight. Star has been complaining of headaches so I got her eyes checked. Turns out she is a little long sighted. Hopefully this is the cause of the headaches and glasses for reading and closework will sort out the problem.
  • Play a game with Star
I promised to play her favourite board game (not my favourite!) and she started to set it up ... then A-next-door appeared and she decided playing with A was preferable. At least I tried!
  • (If time) Go to Hobbycraft to buy scrapbooking supplies with Christmas gift money
I scrapped that idea. Not due to lack of time - we zoomed through all the schoolwork this morning, then watched the history video at lunchtime - but because of the weather. The whole country has been hit by gales, and I decided there was no sense in making an unnecessary journey. Instead I caught up with my financial records and some blog reading, Angel went upstairs for a rest then played for a while on the Playstation before heading out to a dance class, Star baked biscuits (cookies) - which she can now do more or less independently - and Little Cherub slept and played. This evening I typed up progress reports on both girls to send to our Local Education Authority inspector, who is due to visit us next week. He is a nice man and enthusiastic about home education, so we enjoy his visits.

All in all a good, productive day.


Romany said...

I'm glad that writing it all down worked for you, Kathryn! You managed quite a lot!

Ironing...mmmm....I've been giving ironing tutorials for over a year now but neither of my two are showing much aptitude. In fact, G's looks worse after she'd ironed than before.{g}

Dorothy, still hoping someone will do my ironing for me?

Karen E. said...

There's something so satisfying about checking things off of lists.

If I make a list that includes you doing my ironing, will it happen?