Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ten things I love that begin with N

After an enthusuastic response to her letter meme post, Dawn has been allocating letters ... I'm way behind on reading blogs, but I am finally catching up, and Dawn has given me the letter N. So here goes. Ten things I love that begin with N (in no particular order):

1. Naomi - seven months old, cute as a button, dark eyes, curly hair, smiley, giggly, gorgeous Little Cherub.

2. Narnia - since I went through the wardrobe for the first time as a child, a part of me has never quite left.

3. Nativity - I am one of those people who loves Christmas and everything about it.

4. Neighbours - having great neighbours makes our lives both easier and happier.

5. Numbers - love 'em. Big numbers, small numbers; square numbers, triangular numbers; real numbers, imaginary numbers. I once reached the point in mathematics where I could appreciate a truly elegant equation. Sadly I've forgotten most of what I once knew, but I'd love to relearn it someday.

6. Notes - the musical kind. To play and to listen to.

7. Notebooks - with nice clean pages ready to write in and endless possibilites ... nature notebooks, commonplace books, reading logs, plans and schedules.

8. North Yorkshire - think James Herriot, The Secret Garden, the Brontes. My mother is from North Yorkshire, so the pull is genetic.

9. Normandy - my favourite part of France. Wide sandy beaches, friendly people, good food and historical sites round every corner.

10. Non-fiction - which I now prefer to fiction. Lifelong learning? Let me at it!


Dawn said...

*N*ice job, Kathryn! Thanks for participating. :)

Romany said...

Lovely idea!