Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions (this year)

For 2007 I am keeping it simple ... though I can never restrict myself to just one. The scattergun approach gives me a better chance of something hitting the mark.

Three resolutions this year:

1. Say the Rosary daily. I've made this resolution before and failed. Can I succeed this time?

2. Speak pleasantly at all times - no yelling, no sharp tones, no grumbling, no criticising. I'll fall down on this one daily, but I'm going aim for a real, noticeable improvement. (Hopefully success with resolution number one will help.)

3. Lose weight. Time to get rid of the remaining baby fat, plus the pre-baby fat that had crept on over the previous couple of years. I'm aiming for 20 lbs, though 25-30 lbs would be ideal.

I'll post updates so you can all cheer me on. Trust me, I'll need it!


Alice Gunther said...

These are great resolutions, dear Kathryn, and, having had a baby the same week as you, I think I'll need to join you in number 3! : ) : ) : )

Elizabeth said...

Spooky. Mine are almost exactly the same as yours! As 3rd 'baby' is now nearly 3 I really can't pretend my tummy is anything to do with anybody but me...