Saturday, December 30, 2006

The world according to Star

(1) Star: What colour are my toes?
Me: [Looks] Red.
Star: Do you know why they are red?
Me: No. Nail varnish?
Star: No. It's felt tip [marker]. I coloured them red to remind me to wear socks. If I forget the socks then everyone will see my red toes and I'll look silly.

(2) Star (with set of quiz cards): Which English king abdicated?
Me: Edward the eighth.
Star: No ... Edward the vee-triple-one.

Hmm! Seems we need to look at Roman numerals. And yes, she did remember to wear socks. (Star refused to wear socks for a long time, until I clicked that she is sensitive to the feel of clothing. Now she will wear them so long as they are soft, fluffy ones, but hasn't quite got into the habit.)

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Alice Gunther said...

Star is great! Thank you for posting these family stories. They put a smile on my face tonight--that's for sure!