Friday, December 29, 2006


One of my Christmas gifts this year was a nice, thick bound notebook, with a brightly striped cover, that I plan to use as a journal. I love having an empty book to write in - particularly a good quality one - and I enjoy writing properly, the old fashioned way, with a pen. Much as I love my computer, tapping away at a keyboard just isn't the same, for all the convenience of being able to cut, paste and edit without dispiriting scribbles highlighting every error and second thought.

I think it will be part journal, and part commonplace book. In the past I have tended to use different notebooks for different things - notes on books I am reading, copywork, diary, homeschool planning. This year I plan to keep everything in the one place, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the book develops. So far it has only some ponderings on new year resolutions and notes on what I am planning for next term.

I'm so enthused about the idea of commonplacing that I have assigned it a blog label. It sounds so much nicer than "miscellaneous stuff".

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Alice said...

Oh, I agree. "Commonplace" sounds like a wonderful category!