Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Book Review: The Impossible Journey

Title: The Impossible Journey
Author: Gloria Whelan
Age Suitability: 10+ (or 8+ as a read aloud)

In this sequel to The Angel on the Square thirteen year old Marya and her young brother Georgi travel alone from Leningrad to northern Siberia after their parents are arrested by Stalin's police. With help from a kind doctor and a tribe of Samoyed reindeer herders, they make it to the town where they believe their mother is living in exile.

We loved this book. Both Angel and Star were hooked ... and I was hooked too! There was lots of information about 1930s Russia and the difficulties of life under Stalin, but it was all neatly wrapped up in an adventure story package. If the last two books of this quartet are as good as the first two, then they will combine into a great study of twentieth century Russia. Highly recommended.


Karen E. said...

Thank you! I'm making a note of this one.

The Bookworm said...

I should have added that although Impossible Journey is a sequel to Angel on the Square, it will stand alone. There are a few references to the earlier book, but nothing you wouldn't get if you hadn't read it.