Thursday, December 07, 2006

Maths manipulatives ... eek!

This morning I wanted to demonstrate division with remainders to Star and asked her to bring me five of something ... anything she liked. What did she bring? Eggs. Raw eggs ... or more precisely, four raw and one boiled. Why???? What was wrong with spoons ... or pencils ... or soft toys ... or Playmobil people ... or something normal.

Yes, we did use the eggs as a manipulative. And yes, they did stay in one piece ... but the combination of Star and raw eggs is not good for my peace of mind.

Moral ... when dealing with Star, always be specific. Giving her carte blanche is not a good idea.


Theresa said...

At least you weren't studying fractions!!!LOL!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

She sounds very creative!

Karen E. said...

Love it!