Saturday, December 09, 2006

Look what I found!

For years we lit a candle each day when we said morning prayers, but over the last couple of years we got out of the habit. Then yesterday, while looking for a blue candle to light for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception - yes, I know leaving shopping for a candle until the day you want it isn't what you might call organised - I found something better ... these coloured glass tea light holders.

Now not only can we go back to lighting our morning candle, but we can use the correct liturgical colours. I bought five: purple (albeit rather on the pinkish side!) for Advent and Lent; clear for Christmas and Easter; green for Ordinary Time; red for Good Friday, Pentecost and the feast days of martyrs; and blue for feasts of Our Lady.

If I had been looking for something like this I would never have found it. As it was they all but jumped off the shelf and shouted at me ... just like the Advent tree tags.

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Jennifer said...

I too leave shopping to the last minute. But I tell myself it is because if I bring stuff home to the boat Marianna will see it and then we have to do it right then, not on the appropriate day...I only wish my last minute finds were as great as yours. Beautiful jewel-like colors!