Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hospital update

Mum is doing OK ... not great, but not badly either. She was anaemic and has had blood transfusions which have made her feel a lot better, but this meant a delay in getting her up and moving. Hopefully she will be allowed to try walking tomorrow. As she will not be allowed home until she can walk up and down stairs, it is beginning to look as though she may be in hospital over Christmas. Also visiting is difficult as the weather has turned against us, with frost and fog making it a very nasty drive. Prayers for her continued recovery and mobility appreciated!


Jennifer in TX said...

Offering up prayers for your mother; I'm sorry she won't be home for Christmas...

Katherine in TX said...

We will continue to pray.

Romany said...


Sorry about your mum and Christmas. Oh is there anyone (family or friends) who lives nearer who could visit her to cheer her up?

Yes the freezing fog is hazardous and you shouldn't be going out in it atm.

I hope the hospital staff will try very hard to make it pleasant for the patients.


Alice Gunther said...

Praying for her, Kathryn.