Sunday, November 26, 2006

Quiz Night

We are having a thoroughly sociable weekend. First, Friday's Greek evening, then last night a quiz evening to raise funds for the girls' brass band. We were the only team with younger children, but called ourselves The Unbeatables in an attempt at positive thinking. Thanks to sterling help from Angel and Star we proved ourselves unbeatably bad and came last. Last turned out to be good as we "won" the booby prize - a small box of chocolates each. The evening was fun, and we were well fed on baked potatoes, chilli, crusty bread and salad. (Note to self: Why is this blog turning into a monologue about food?)

This sample gives you a feel for just why we were a little handicapped in the quiz department ...

Question: What small dog originated in Germany and has a name meaning "badger dog".
Answer: (Star) Great Dane!
Er ... good try - apart from being the wrong size, the wrong country and having nothing to do with badger dog in the name! (Correct answer? Dachshund!)

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Romany said...

Ah, but I do like a good food monologue! {g}