Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Bookworm's Cook Book

After all those food related posts I got carried away, and here is the result ... my new cookery blog.

The Bookworm's Cook Book

I have copied over the menu plans and recipes I already posted here, and plan to add more recipes, food quotes, and other food related items. I imagine I will post there sporadically, so will post links to new Cook Book posts here as and when I write them.

In part I am inspired by finding my great-aunt's old recipe books while decluttering at my mother's. One is a hand written notebook, that looks as though it may have been kept during cookery classes; the other a simple housewife's recipe book from the 1920s - basic, no frills home cooking. I'm looking forward to exploring them both. I'm a basic, no frills home cooking type myself. My food usually tastes better than it looks!

Do come and visit. (And admire the pretty pictures of food I managed to put across the top, after much cutting and pasting in Paint!)

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you started a cooking blog, Katherine! One of our favorite cookbooks was a DK Kid's Cookbook I picked up in England for Marianna when she was tiny. Great ideas in there, we especially like the different Jacket Potato Recipes. I would never have thought of putting shrimp/prawns on, but it is yummy!

P.S. I haven't established a Google account yet, so cannot comment over there, but thanks for the steamed pudding recipe!