Thursday, November 02, 2006

Book Review: Mother Teresa

Title: Mother Teresa: a Life of Love
Author: Elaine Murray Stone
Age Suitability: 10+ (but see caveat)

Angel and I ploughed through this book, but it never took off. It was a bit too dull and worthy, and never made Mother Teresa come alive to us. A shame when you consider what a wonderful, vibrant woman she was and what an extraordinary life she led. At the end Angel claimed to remember nothing about Mother Teresa at all ... if she feels she has been forcefed anything even vaguely historical she has a talent for wiping it from her mind (though I like to think that something sticks, somewhere). I just asked her for an opinion of the book ... "boring and hard to understand". It didn't catch my interest either.

If you want your child to read this book, be aware that there are a couple of sections which talk about abortion and artificial birth control. They could be omitted or edited when reading aloud.


Faith said...

Demi has come out with a glorious picture book about Mother Teresa which is quite informative. My kids had pretty much the same reaction your kids did to Stone's book.

Anonymous said...

My kids had the same reaction to Demi's book, alas. Beautifully illustrated but way too many dates.


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you posted this, Marianna and I are doing a whirlwind review of India this week and as it is only a week, I didn't want a drag-us-down style book. This one can stay at the library then! One less book to carry home can be a very good thing sometimes!