Sunday, November 26, 2006

Greek Night

Friday night was Greek night. I've written before about how fortunate we are in our neighbours. Earlier in the year we had planned with our next-door-but-one neighbours, D and A and next-door neighbours K and A to try out a nearby Greek restaurant, but Little Cherub came along and it never happened. As a Cherub-friendly alternative, we decided on a do-it-ourselves Greek meal. D and A played host and cooked the main course, we provided the starters, and K and A the dessert. Angel and Star stayed home with my brother supposedly in charge (given that they were still not in bed and asleep when we got home at 11.30, "in charge" is clearly a rather loose description), and the Cherub joined the fun. We enjoyed a convivial evening, good food and a glass of wine or two, and reflected yet again on just how fortunate we are in our neighbours. Cherub alternately catnapped and popped up to join in the conversation.

The menu?
Starters: Mezes - a selection of Greek salads, olives and stuffed vineleaves
Main course: Lemon-roasted lamb, roast potatoes with rosemary and mediterranean vegetables
Dessert: Galaktambouriko (Greek custard pie) with yoghurt and honey ice cream

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