Monday, November 06, 2006

Busy tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is having a bad time again after a double whammy from Angel. One tooth came out of its own accord this morning and this afternoon she had to have a tooth extracted on her orthodontist's orders. The original appointment was for 9am, which would have left her minus two teeth in under an hour, but the dentist got stuck in traffic and had to postpone it. She was very brave (well done, Angel!). She is booked for braces next year - the result of eleven years of thumb sucking.


Doris said...

The dentist gave my eldest dire warnings about thumbsucking, and this summer she agreed to tackle it. We just bought the 'Nilbite' yucky stuff from the chemist (actually, it's called something else now but I've forgotten) and it worked like magic. No more thumbsucking (although that in itself was a little sad :-( )

The Bookworm said...

The yucky stuff was absolutely no use with Angel ... she just kept sucking and put up with the horrid taste. She once managed to stop for about three months when bribed with a trip to Alton Towers, but started again :(. She has finally managed to stop since being warned that continued thumb-sucking = no braces = permanently sticky-out teeth. She is old enough now for that to be an offence against vanity!

Jennifer said...

Yesterday we received a postcard from the local orthodontist, he's very eager to see Marianna. I'm sure he is rubbing his hands in delight at the thought of getting her in his chair! We are still waiting for one or two more teeth to come out naturally and then the ortho rounds will begin. (Where's that ill-green emoticon when you need him? LOL!)