Monday, August 14, 2006

Painting the weather

Exercising its typical inconsistency, our weather has turned nasty. After warnings that August would see a heatwave hotter than the one we sweated through in July reality is closer to this ...

I blame this entirely on it being Star's birthday yesterday. Her birthday has a long track record of having a depressing effect on the weather. An August birthday, we thought. Wonderful! Outdoor parties! Picnics! What fun we shall have! Think again. At least we have learned the lesson over the years and no longer plan anything that can't be done indoors. Maybe we will have better luck with Little Cherub's June birthday.

On the bright side, while checking out the weather forecast I discovered this wonderful online art exhibition, courtesy of the BBC: Painting the Weather. To view paintings of fog, snow, sun, rain, or whatever, simply click on the relevant weather symbol. Some of the pictures have an audio file with a meteorologist's take on the painting. How cool! (Ouch! Terrible pun!) There are even some colouring pages to print out. Enjoy!

Let's hope the weather will soon be back to something more like this ...

Aside: The place shown in this picture became the setting of a well-known children's book. Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

First, Happy Birthday, Star!! And many happy returns of the day!
My first guess on the painting is Swallows and Amazons (current read/obsession) but I'll say it's Mistress Masham's Repose.

Kindred Spirit

Krisann said...

Neverland from Peter Pan? ;)

..Michele Q said...

Well dear considering how hot it STILL is here I would love some rain.

As for the picture it looks like the Lake District to me so I am guessing the book to be either Peter Rabbit or The Hobbit. . .or any of the Lord of the Rings books?


Anonymous said...
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