Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heaven? It has to have a chocolate fountain!

I see I am in good company among bloggers with passion for chocolate. Lissa's absent beloved made sure to leave her an emergency supply, and I have just salivated over Karen E's doubly chocolatey chocolate fondue. After sampling one for the first time recently, I contend that nothing - but nothing! - beats a chocolate fountain. Just imagine, chunks of chocolate brownie ... or soft marshmallows ... or creamy profiteroles ... or luscious fruit ... all waiting to be coated with liquid chocolate. What to choose? Let me just imagine those chocolate brownies again. Is there anything better this side of heaven?

Back to the urgently required chocolate Tevye just picked up for me on the way back from taking Angel to band practice ...

1 comment:

Karen E. said...

Oh, yum!