Saturday, August 26, 2006


Thinking about gathering in reminded me of a post of Elizabeth's at Real Learning on touch, which sent me to this article on Love, Learning and Touch by Ann Voskamp. How often do you hug your children? In particular, your older children? The article suggests we should aim for twelve hugs a day. I, for one, don't come close. Although I know little about "love languages" I would bet touch is the love language for both Angel and Tevye. It isn't for me though, so I have to make a conscious effort to remember those hugs and touches that they need to thrive. Even Star, who is less of a touch person, needs more hugs than she gets. What better way of gathering in could there be than to hug your children more?

Ha! To prove the point ... Angel just came downstairs to complain she had rolled over in bed and bent her finger back. In the absence of any better suggestions she opted for a hug better.

Self: Does that make it feel better?
Angel: No, not really ... but I love hugs!

Message received and understood.

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