Sunday, August 06, 2006

In the pink

Little Cherub tucked up in Angel's bed. Doesn't she blend in beautifully? I don't have the heart to spoil the Cherub's reputation by posting the picture of a major pout Angel took one minute after this one!

I have to admit the little darling at the Bonny Glen got to the pink theme first, and very fetchingly too.

I'm also thrilled to hear that the Quigley family at Family Centered Life will be enjoying the fun of lots of pink with their new little one, due in December. Take a look at these wonderful 4D scan photos of her. Aren't they amazing? Her seven brothers and two sisters must be melting already. And I wish I had looked half as good during pregnancy as her mother does!


jennifer said...

Gorgeous little flower baby!

Becky said...

Beautiful baby! Lovely photo!

Lissa said...

Oh, scrumptious! What a beauty, and what a photo!

..Michele Q said...

Oh she looks good enough to eat! ;-) My is she growing fast. She looks like her daddy too!
Ah, looking at her makes me impatient to hold my own little pink cherub!

Karen E. said...

What a beauty! Love that hair!

Cay said...

This picture is absolutely beautiful. A real keeper! :)
Needs to be enlarged and framed. :)