Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Whoopsy daisy!

Star worked very hard earlier this week on a newspaper-style collection of funny stories about our family. All carefully typed and all her own work - nobody was allowed to see it until it was finished and printed. She gave me permission to share a couple of her stories here. Spelling, punctuation and grammar is unedited (I think we need a little work on punctuation and the past tense of "do"!)

Star's Done a Whoopsy Daisy's Oh No
Star was looking for woodlice in the garden with her friend F and Star was looking underneath the patio tiles and she lifted it up and crack it snapped she went inside and said "I sort of had a whoopsy daisy's" so Dad went "Oh no!" because he knows what that means, what have you done now? So Star went to show him what she'd done. Another of Star's whoopsy daisy's once again.

Weeds Weeds Weeds
Because there was lots of weeds in the garden Dad tried to get rid of them he done a good job at it but he took all the rose bushes out as well, while he done that Mum was at her mums so when she got back she wasn't happy at all.
[True!!! Gardening is not my strong point and few plants survive my lack of attention. I'd managed to keep those rose bushes going for two years.]

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