Thursday, May 11, 2006

Learning Styles

Yet another book that had been sitting on my shelf unused for some time is Discover Your Child's Learning Style by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle Hodson. A few weeks ago I pulled it down and had Angel and Star complete the questionnaires to determine their learning style. Star ran out of steam half way through, but I did get as far as determining both their dispositions - the basic temperament that "determines the way they work, communicate and learn". Angel, it seems, has a Performing Disposition, and Star an Inventing Disposition. This is what I have to work with ...

Performing people prefer subjects and activities that are entertaining by nature, have immediate relevance, offer variety and challenge, provide hands-on experiences, and give plenty of opportunity to move, act, and do. They learn best when the teaching materials and techniques used are short and to the point, allow movement, and involve games, manipulatives and audiovisuals. ... Performing people need flexible spaces that provide lots of room to move around. They thrive in atmospheres that are fun and challenging and allow for unscheduled free time. They love field trips and "real-life" learning situations.
Inventing people prefer subjects and activities that are experimental by nature, that provide inspiration and new solutions, and that give opportunities to question, design and discover. They learn best when the teaching materials and techniques used are direct and offer "intellectual" ideas, theories, models and time for exploration. ...To a person with an Inventing Disposition, nothing is quite so compelling as a mechanical problem that could be solved in a creative way. Getting the job done quickly is not important. Getting the job done efficiently is not important. Above all, the aesthetics of the device, structure, or creation are not important. It doesn't have to look good. What is important is that it works in a unique way.
And as for myself, I have a Producing Disposition. My definining emphasis is on organisation. My preferred activities are schedules, outlines, workbooks, reading, writing and portfolios. Can you see a slight mismatch here?

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Amy said...

That sounds like an interesting book! Hopefully it has a section on dealing with disposition mismatches! Knowing my kids we would need that here too.