Thursday, May 04, 2006

Comatose mode

Forget relaxed mode. This is comatose mode. We are having the most beautiful spring day. Clear blue sky and temperatures in the low to mid 70s. Last week we bought new garden furniture - table and chairs, and a patio swing seat. The forecast is for cooler, wet weather over the weekend so we are taking the opportunity to relax outside. Angel is on a recliner chair listening to music; Star was on the swing seat but has now wandered off to write a letter to a penfriend; I should be going to bed for a nap but it is just too nice out here, so I'm writing this blog entry and then going to find a book. Spare a thought for poor old Tevye, who is working from home today and is stuck indoors doing battle with a particularly brain-boggling and obnoxious job.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for poor Tevye! This isn't too far from how I imagined you is it? I hope today is just as lovely.


Alice said...

We had an incredibly beautiful day today too. Sometimes comatose mode is jus the thing everyone needs!