Friday, May 12, 2006

Our pegs fell down

I now know why so many of the things we used to hang on pegs during our day have fizzled out. Our pegs have fallen off the wall. Specifically our morning pegs - basic things like getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and having a mid-morning snack. I blame morning sickness. "You want breakfast? Fine! You know where the kitchen is. Just don't mention food near me ...". I also blame the sleep requirements of eleven year old girls. Or at least my particular eleven year old girl who has taken to sleeping in late in the mornings. I'm assuming that if she sleeps for twelve hours it is because she needs it, and given that she is my child who falls apart big time if she gets tired I'm leaving her to sleep. So we now have a situation where everyone gets up at wildly varying times, eats something approximating to breakfast as and when it takes their fancy or under pressure of parental reminders. Their morning diet has become peculiar in the extreme ("no, a chunk of cucumber is not breakfast!").

So ... given that I have finally come out of seven and a half months of pregnancy fog - is this the second trimester burst of energy twenty weeks late? or is it a pre-birth energy surge? - the time has come to screw some pegs back into the wall. The breakfast debacle must end. Those of us who are awake are going to eat a proper breakfast at a reasonable time. If Angel is still asleep, then she can catch up when she wakes. Once we have a breakfast peg we can find something to hang on it. After a decent breakfast we can plan for a mid-morning snack (less grazing on crisps and other junk!), which will give us another peg.

Time to get today off to a good start with poached eggs and English muffins ...

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Amy said...

I've recently discovered the same thing. The morning "peg slippage" really affects the whole day sometimes, doesn't it?

Good luck as you try to repeg your morning!