Saturday, May 20, 2006

I can't believe I did that!

I really, really can't believe I did that! I'm blaming pregnancy brain. This morning Star and I went to confession to prepare for her First Communion this afternoon. I always switch my mobile phone off in Church. Always. Except today. And Tevye sent me a text while I was in the confessional. It gets worse. My phone used to just make a fairly subtle buzzing noise when I received a text, but I kept missing them because if the phone was in my bag I didn't hear it, so a couple of weeks ago I reset it to the loudest of its limited selection of ring tones ... the Can Can. Oh, was I mortified! Talk about an exercise in humility. Fortunately our priest has a sense of humour. And Tevye only sent the text to say he loved me, so I didn't have the heart to complain. How I am looking forward to recovering normal brain function. Please don't remind me just how long that takes after having a baby!


Jennifer said...

Oh dear, not the Can-can!!! You just Can't-can't!

Okay, Dd and I enjoyed your post, can you tell you had us wiping tears of laughter from our cheeks?

Karen E. said...

Proof that we should not pass judgement on anyone with a ringing cell phone during Mass or confession ... we can all remind ourselves that it could be a pregnant-brain at work. :-)

Cay in La. said...

Oh, you poor dear! LOL
I'm sorry. I can't help but laugh.

You're lucky your priest has a sense of humor. Ours is a saintly pastor but I'm afraid he has this "thing" against cellular phones...he doesn't own one.

He would have walked out on me.
: (