Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well done Star!

A few weeks ago I posted about Star's ballet exam. Yesterday, she got her results ... A grades for both ballet and modern dance. Well done Star! We are very proud of you! Apparently Miss Absent-Minded wasn't spending quite as much time floating on another planet instead of paying attention to her dance teacher as it appeared!


Natalia said...

Is the exam the one for the Royal Academy of Dance? My dd (12) does that here in Shreveport,LA. She had the exam in April and we are still waiting for the results. They have to mail them all the way from England! How long does it take to get the results when you live in England?


The Bookworm said...

Hi Natalia,
No, her exams were with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The ISTD grades and exam system are much the same as the RAD though. The ISTD results usually take about 6 weeks. It used to be much faster, but the higher grades can now be counted towards the equivalent of national graduation requirements. This means they have to be verified somehow which has made it all take longer. I would guess the RAD has a similar timescale for the same reasons. Mail from here to the US only takes a few days, so your dd shouldn't have too long to wait. Which exam did she take?

Anonymous said...

She took the Grade V exam and will be taking pre-elementary next year. I just got yesterday her schedule for dance for next year. She will be taking 6 classes a week plus Junior Company on Saturdays. Is Star that involved?


The Bookworm said...

Both my two dance, but Angel is the most committed. Star is only 7 though, so it may change as she gets older. Star is in Grade 1 ballet, Grade 1 tap and Grade 2 modern - one class in each (she just took the Primary ballet and Grade 1 modern exams). Angel is in Grade 3 ballet (hoping to take the exam this summer), Grade 4 modern and takes a free work jazz class. So far she has only taken one class in each, but she will be adding in a second ballet class at the end of the month. She is also teacher's helper for the baby ballet class (three year olds) which she loves. She would be at the dance school everyday given the chance, but our budget won't stretch that far! She is talking seriously about wanting to be a dance teacher, and if that continues then we may have to try to make the budget a bit more elastic.