Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Quick Royal Wedding Takes: 29th April 2011


1. I love, love, loved the dress - simple and elegant, with that gorgeous lace. Though the BBC's description of the 2.7 metre train a "short" bemused me somewhat.

2. I also loved the music. The Church of England does music for big occasions so well. I loved Crown Imperial at the end, and the classic hymns. And I hope those choirboys are going to get a good holiday after all their hard work. They deserve it!

3. The hats! Hat watching while the guests arrived was one of our favourite parts. A couple appeared to be satellite dishes attached to the wearer's head. A tall blue creation looked like something from Star Trek (a milliner boldly going where no woman had been before?) and Princess Bea's attracted almost as much comment on Facebook as The Dress. "Pink octopus" was one of the more polite descriptions. Others were clearly giving their wearers trouble, in particular one so wide brimmed its occupant could only see where she was going by tilting her head backwards.

4. Tevye and the girls bought me a bottle of champagne for Mother's Day (which falls in March or April here) and I had been waiting for a good opportunity to drink it ... today seemed as good as any, so I checked off number 94 from my Day Zero Project list and drank champagne for breakfast. Then some more later to wash down smoked salmon sandwiches (with salmon we didn't eat at Easter because it was still Passover and we couldn't have bread). Very celebratory.

5. A bit of wedding trivia ... the first royal wedding at Westminster Abbey took place on 4 January 1243, when Richard, Earl of Cornwall, brother of King Henry III, married Sanchia of Provence. Most of the fifteen royal weddings at the Abbey took place during the twentieth century.

6. Courtesy of Sally at Castle In the Sea (or rather, of her daughter), the royal wedding name game. The rules are:
1. You are Lord or Lady Somebody
2. Your first name comes from one of your grandparents.
3. Your hyphenated surname is a combination of your first pet's name and the name of the street you grew up on.

That gives me Lady Blanche Jock-Hollingdon. We didn't have a street name, so I had to go with the place name instead. Tevye could be Lord Felix Joey-Parfett. That's what comes of having a budgie for a pet.

7. And finally, wasn't it nice that it didn't rain, particularly after all the forecasts for showers over the past few days.

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L. E. Cove said...

Lady Hazel Gray-Van Buren. **bemused** I could put her in a novel, actually.

I enjoyed the wedding greatly, made me cry, because I'm like that. I found Princess Beatrice's hat ... puzzling. She and her sister are awfully pretty, I remember what pretty babies they were and somehow that makes me feel older than the fact that I watched Charles and Diana's wedding when I was in my teens. Odd.

I thought the Dress was lovely, and found myself relieved that her maid of honor/sister held the hands of the little 3-year-old flowergirls as I had been wondering how they were going to handle that aspect of the procession! (just couldn't fathom how such little ones would make it such a long long way on their own!).

~ ellie

Pamela said...

Lady Elizabeth Bruce-Domaine de la Brissee here! Satellite dish? That's exactly how my husband described some of the hats. Princess Beatrice's looked a bit like a Mickey Mouse logo and Princess Michael and Zara Phillips must have had two of the biggest ones in the Abbey. A lovely wedding, Britain at its finest. Would only have been better if I had been there myself!

Eileen said...

Loved your commentary, and concur with everything you said re: dress, hats and music! I watched part of the wedding hoping to get a glimpse of the dress, which I thought surprisingly modest and elegant (given what she could have pulled off!). Of course, I don't know what "rules" there are for church weddings over there. You might be shocked by what some brides show up in over here. Maybe that dress will inspire some design changes? Anyway, I got teary when the happy couple climbed into that gorgeous Cinderella carriage.

And I mourned for her a bit, thinking of how this level of fame tends to destroy people. Let's see how she fares.

As to the name game, the hyphenated combo you cite has made the rounds around here as your, er, p*rn name. Since mine is "Buffy Cherokee," I won't sully the dignity of my grandmother's name by putting the two together! :) (Though I suppose it might sound like something out of Jeeves & Wooster, now that I think of it).

Like sunshine in the home said...

Lady Elsie Tuppence-Greenbank here.

Loved the whole thing. Especially dissecting the fashion choices of the guests. The dress was beautiful and the bridesmaids were beautiful too.

Shari said...

Absolutely no other country but England could put on such a wonderful wedding! The Hobbits were disgusted with the whole thing until one commentater mentioned Kate's hometown.
1st Hobbit: Kate Middleton is from Bucklebury?
2nd Hobbit: The prince is marrying a Hobbit??
Littlest Hobbit: Do you think she has fuzzy feet???

Lady Ethyl Dart-Smith

PixieMum said...

Agree with all that has been said. I do think this marriage has more chance of success than William's parents. Reason is that it was not an 'arranged' marriage and as far as possible they have lived relatively normal lives.

Lady Lilian Bimbo Burlington

Catherine said...

You'll have to check out my blog post about the wedding. You'll get a kick out of it. Though I think I need to send you the invite to my new blog, which I had to start because I ran out of photo room on my old blog.