Monday, April 11, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 11th April 2011

Outside my window ... a beautiful morning, with blue skies and newly green trees. We have had a few days of weather that is more like summer than spring. It is forecast to end today, though, with temperatures dropping back to normal for April.

I am thinking ...  about shoes. Last week's summery weather made me realise I need summer shoes. I ordered a pair of chunky wedge heeled flip-flips to replace a similar pair I wore out last summer. Now I need shoes for "work" (the archive). The pair I bought last year rub terribly - they felt fine when I tried them on, but just didn't wear in. I am now on a mission to find a comfortable pair with medium height heels to replace them for this summer.

From the learning rooms ... Easter break for two and a half weeks. GCSE revision for Angel. 

I am thankful ... that I have the final assignments for this module of my archive course mostly done. I have to do an essay and a report. The essay is written and just needs proof reading and the footnotes sorting out. The report is nearly two-thirds done. They aren't due until early May, but I didn't want to have them hanging over me all through the Easter holidays.

From the kitchen ... oh dear! My menu plans always fall to pieces in the school holidays as we are so out of routine. I don't even know what to cook for dinner today. Let's see ... what do I have? I think maybe orange chicken.

I am wearing ... black and white pyjamas.

I am creating ... socks and cardigans. Half way through the second sock of a cotton pair for Mum.

I am going ... to bed early tonight. I indulged my inner night owl and stayed up far too late last night watching The Red Shoes (classic movie for my Day Zero Project list) and puttering about on the computer. At some point today I am going to regret the lack of sleep.

I am reading ...  a biography of Shirley Williams (politician daughter of Vera Brittain, who was the friend and literary executor of Winifred Holtby, who wrote South Riding - think I may have set myself off on a rabbit trail).

I am hoping get back on the decluttering wagon. I didn't do any last week. I did get back on track with housework, though.

I am hearing ... birds singing outside and Cherub scuffling around downstairs.

Around the house ... appliances breaking down. Last week both the washing machine and the microwave broke. The washing machine needed a new pump and is now fixed (phew!). Then a cover fell off the top of the microwave when I was cleaning it and kind of fell apart (at least I was following my new cleaning regime, even if it did have unintended consequences!). Fortunately it is still under guarantee and should be fixed tomorrow.

One of my favourite things ... spending time with my daughters.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... Tuesday: Little Friend N is coming to play with Cherub in the morning, then we are going to the zoo with him and his mother in the afternoon; Wednesday: band practice; Thursday: archive during the day, then a pub night with old friends from Angel and Star's toddler days; Friday: Star goes to Devon with her friend's family for a long weekend; Saturday: Angel and I are planning a shopping trip; Sunday: Angel is going to take charge of Cherub and Tevye and I are going on a day trip to Cambridge (unless the weather is awful).

A picture thought I am sharing ... Cherub enjoying the nice weather yesterday - lounging on a pillow in the swingboat while wearing Angel's sunglasses.

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Pamela said...

Got my Motivated Moms checklist printed and ready to go this morning...wish me luck!

Missus Wookie said...

Cool self portrait in Cherub's glasses too :)

Enjoy your Easter break. Princess doesn't start until next week as she gets the two weeks over Easter.