Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aysgarth, Yorkshire

I have a load of photos stacked up from various trips over the last month that I have been meaning to post. This batch made it as far as a draft last week, but never got any further. Ah well! I'll try to catch up this month.

On the way back from Cumbria at the end of March, we stopped off for lunch at Aysgarth in Yorkshire because we spotted a water fall marked on the map. The water fall turned out to be a series, and we only made it as far as the gentle upper fall.

This is St. Andrews Church, on a hill overlooking the falls:

One of the things I love about exploring old churches is that they often contain unexpected hidden gems, and this one had a spectacular one. Inside we discovered the stunning Jervaulx Screen. This is the rood screen from the medieval Cistercian abbey of Jervaulx, which probably dates from the fifteenth century. Jervaulx Abbey held the advowson (the right to appoint a priest) of Aysgarth Church, and the screen was moved here to protect it when Jervaulx was dissolved by King Henry VIII.

A close up of the fan vaulting at the top of the screen:

And of marquetry on the end of one of the built-in seats:

Looking down from the top of the falls:

This waterfall is all of about two feet high - not exactly Niagara! A very pretty setting though.

Looking up the falls from the road:


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I missed you too! And these are GORGEOUS photos. They make me sigh for England.

Happy Easter!!!

Melanie B said...

Oh that rood screen is so beautiful!

Like sunshine in the home said...

Beautiful rood screen. It's amazing what survived.

Beautiful photos, the Yorkshire Dales are stunning.

helen in washington uk said...

I love jervaulx abbey. A beautiful peaceful place. Im glad its spectacular screen still survives. A must visit for this summer