Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Chuckle of Cherubisms

I entertained myself today reading back over some of my old Facebook status updates about Cherub. Here for your amusement are some classic Cherubisms (apologies for repetition to any Facebook friends who also read my blog):

  • Cherub's topic at school this week is the moon. According to her there are full moons, half moons, and "present" moons.

  • Oops! Four year old + CBeebies website + super simple wireless printer = shortage of pink ink. (And no, I didn't teach her how to use it!)

  • Cherub is having problems with YouTube on the iPad. She keeps getting Peppa Pig in Polish.

  • After a particularly stroppy start to the day from her night owl sister, Cherub has coined a new noun. According to her, Star is a "stroppamator".  [Translation: a strop is somewhere between a sulk and a tantrum]

  • Surreal conversation with 4 year old this morning. Her: "I know what drawing means" ... Me (confused): " What?" ... Her: "Drawing. Like a nap is sleeping drawing the day". Me (starting to get her drift): "Ah! I see! During the day." Her (giggling at my stupidity): "Ha, ha! You thought I meant drawing when I meant DRAWING". ... Drawing. During. Whatever.

  • "Grandma, can you think of a fruit beginning with T? It's something the big girls like." Grandma couldn't. The answer? "Termites". I never realised my daughters were anteaters. Do you think they would prefer them roasted or fried? (For the record, she was thinking of pomegranates!)

  • Bad enough that I couldn't get to sleep last night and was woken at 6 by a small person, but having to try to explain the difference between a prawn and a prong before 7 in the morning is just too much. ("A prawn? I thought that was the thing that holds sweetcorn.")

  • Cherub has almost, but not quite, grasped the technology message. She made a paper "laptop" for Star, but instead of an apple on the front, she drew a slice of watermelon.

  • Cherub is desperate to play Chinese Buffles. It seems she has got muddled somewhere between Chinese Whispers and Blind Man's Buff!

  • Listening to Cherub having a conversation with her Playmobil: "Yeeowww!!! Yeeowww!!! ... Oh no, it's a wolf howling! ... No, it's not. It's her baby having a little whine because she can't find her rabbit ... Yeeowww!!! Yeeowww!!! ... Quick! Search! Calm her down! ... Yay! We found bunny." Thank goodness for that. The yowling was beginning to get to me.

  • Noticed Cherub still wearing her PE t-shirt under her school clothes. Apparently she didn't notice because it was "just a bit camouflaged". Well yes ... white t-shirt, white top, I see the problem!


L. E. Cove said...

Watermelon Computers! That's adorable :-)

~ ellie

Catherine said...

Just making sure you know you use Cherbub's real name on the last two. :)

The Bookworm said...

Duh! Thanks ... sorted :)