Saturday, April 19, 2008

Preparing for Passover

Passover starts tonight, which means a long "to do" list in this Catholic-Jewish household ...

  • Remove bread and bread products
  • Clean toaster and dump in garage
  • Fry fish (cold fried fish is a common British Jewish seder food)
  • Boil eggs (ditto hard-boiled eggs in salt water)
  • Make charoseth (gooey apple-cinnamon-wine-walnut mix to represent the mortar used by the Israelites as slaves in Egypt)
  • Make coconut pyramids and cinnamon balls
  • Prepare seder plate with lamb bone (we don't have one!), horseradish (nowhere locally had any fresh horseradish root, so we will have to make do with a jar of creamed horseradish), parsley, bowl of salt water, charoseth
  • Find Haggadahs (order of service for seder meal)
  • Set out jug of water, bowl and towel for hand washing
  • Set table
  • Find afikomen presents for girls (too complicated to explain here)
Now what did I forget?


Dorothy said...

Roast the eggs? LOL!

Faith said...

Bubbie objected to the bagels sitting out on the counter. I could have at least hidden the chametz away during Passover!!! LOL!

We always use a chicken for the shankbone.

Hope you had a blessed seder! Happy Pesach!

Faith said...

oops, meant chicken BONE instead of shankbone. We don't put a whole chicken on the seder plate!

Lauri B said...

What a wonderful description - thank you for sharing your lovely holiday with us!

Have you seen the knitted Seder?