Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Lady Around the World: Calendar

I promised a series of posts on Our Lady around the world for May and have been busy this week doing my homework (it became addictive!). To whet your appetite, here is a list of the thirty countries I will be visiting and the titles of Our Lady I will be exploring. May 31st is the Feast of the Visitation, so I will not do a post for that day.

  • 1st - Algeria: Our Lady of Africa
  • 2nd - Argentina: Our Lady of Lujan
  • 3rd - Austria: Our Lady of Mariazell
  • 4th - Belgium: Our Lady of Banneux
  • 5th - China: Our Lady of China
  • 6th - Columbia: Our Lady of Chiquinquira
  • 7th - Costa Rica: Our Lady of the Angels
  • 8th - Dominican Republic: Our Lady of Altagracia
  • 9th - Egypt: Our Lady of Zeitun
  • 10th - England: Our Lady of Walsingham
  • 11th - France: Our Lady of Lourdes
  • 12th - Germany: Our Lady of Altotting
  • 13th - India: Our Lady of Vailankanni
  • 14th - Ireland: Our Lady of Knock
  • 15th - Italy: Our Lady of Loreto
  • 16th - Japan: Our Lady of Akita
  • 17th - Kuwait: Our Lady of Arabia
  • 18th - Lebanon: Our Lady of Lebanon
  • 19th - Lithuania: Our Lady of Siluva
  • 20th - Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • 21st - New Zealand: Our Lady of Pukekaraka
  • 22nd - Philippines: Our Lady of La Naval
  • 23rd - Poland: Our Lady of Czestochowa
  • 24th - Portugal: Our Lady of Fatima
  • 25th - Russia: Our Lady of Vladimir
  • 26th - Spain: Our Lady of the Pillar
  • 27th - Sri Lanka: Our Lady of Madhu
  • 28th - United States: Our Lady of La Leche
  • 29th - Vietnam: Our Lady of La Vang
  • 30th - Wales: Our Lady of Cardigan
My selection was almost entirely random, although I am pleased to say I managed to include at least one from each continent. Most of the titles and images were new to me, and I was amazed to find just how varied the different stories were ... they range from a shrine that claims to date back to just a decade or so after the resurrection to one that grew up after Our Lady appeared only thirty five years ago; there are shrines that were destroyed and rebuilt hundreds of years later, and one that was destroyed by shellfire less than three weeks ago; there are miraculous cures, miraculous protection, visions and apparitions. I hope others will enjoy learning about these as much as I have.


Mary G said...


This is such a cool idea ... Mariazell was near where we lived in Austria, we did a pilgrimage to Lourdes, Walsingham, Banneaux and Knock ... oh, do you mind if we join you on this journey?

Elizabeth said...

This looks fabulous! We'll be following along eagerly.

Meredith said...

This is so wonderful Kathryn, you are a Saint :)))

jenmack said...

Thank you so much Kathryn - we can't wait to follow along!

molly said...

We are along for the journey as well. Praying to Our Lady of Safe Voyage for all.

Amber said...

I fell into this site through what must have been Mary's intersession. Being unfamiliar with bloggin, I hope that this stays in cyber space for a very long time! I hope that I can use this for a 30 week study of Religion, Art, Literature, Geography and World History!
Thank you for your research.