Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Simply Lent

I am aiming to keep things simple this Lent, with very few specific plans.

Abstain from meat
Say morning and evening prayer daily
Read Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth

Angel and Star
Angel - abstain from crisps (potato chips)
Star - abstain from biscuits (cookies)
Some form of extra devotion, but I haven't talked to them to decide what yet.

Little Cherub
Stations of the Cross box using this idea generously shared by Irene on the 4Real Learning forums. I have also added a set of Stations of the Cross cards.

Other than that, I'll be aiming to keep things simple and "less" - eat less, buy less, reduce computer time and so on, though with no specific goals that I would only fail to achieve.

Note: My simple Lenten blog design is necessarily minimalist, because the background still insists on overriding everything on top of it. White background means white blog. Why????


Melanie B said...

I think I'll be reading Jesus of Nazareth too. I'm setting my Lenten goals really low this year. I know anything too involved is going to be majorly disrupted in a few weeks anyway with the arrival of the little one and just can't bring myself to set goals I know I won't be able to meet.

I rather like the minimalist design of the blog. It is very Lenten.

Karen E. said...

I actually love your minimalist look here! :-)