Friday, February 29, 2008

February Blues

The February Blues are a pretty common experience among homeschoolers. Guess what? I've discovered you don't have to be homeschooling to get them.

This month has definitely been a blue one. I haven't had to deal with schooling doldrums, but I have spent almost the entire month (and much of January) struggling with coughs and colds that triggered another bout the chronic asthma I had while pregnant with Little Cherub. Three inhalers later and it's finally back under control. Add in feeling generally run down and tired, and the keynote for the month has been inertia. I am way behind on my Eowyn Challenge.

Damp, grey February weather and a couple of cold snaps haven't helped. Or at least, that was my perception. According to yesterday's TV news this has been the sunniest February on record. It seems I must have been projecting my own greyness onto the climate! Damp and cold made my chest feel worse - and, I'm afraid, fit with my mood - so while everyone else was having a sunny February I was wallowing in my own cloudy one. I did notice a couple of warm, sunny, spring-like spells but I spent the best of them holed up indoors with a cold and they only impinged on the edges of my self-pitying consciousness.

This week I am finally feeling better. No longer coughing and puffing, and the tiredness has lifted. I have some energy back. Today we see the back of February (whose idea was it to add an extra day to my least favourite month?). Tomorrow is March. Spring is coming. Easter will soon be here.

Onwards and upwards!


Shari said...

I would prefer an extra day in September. It's just cruel to make February longer. I'm glad you're feeling better and those of us who have only ventured slightly over 10 miles on our way to Rivendell think you are WAY ahead!

Karen E. said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. And I'm happy to see February go, too. :-)

Serenata said...

Yes, I must admit I was surprised at your comment over on Romany's blog. I thought the weather this February had been great and for the first time ever (or at least since I have been living here) I haven't felt down in February, in fact quite the opposite!

Hope you get your energy back soon, and March is such a good month!