Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

For yesterday. Or tomorrow.

There are times when I am very slow on the uptake. And I'm not always the best at keeping track of time. Yesterday was a case in point.

I confess that being the unromantic souls that we are (or rather, I am - Tevye has a more romantic soul that is sadly wasted on my prosaic one) our customary way of celebrating Valentine's Day is to do ... absolutely nothing. We do, however, usually apologise to each other for doing nothing. Yesterday Tevye graciously apologised to me. How thoughtful, I thought, to remember in advance that he is doing nothing and to remind me to do nothing. I can cross "remember to forget Valentine's Day" off my to-do list for the next couple of days. For I had, amazingly, remembered that it was Valentine's Day in two days time. Or so I thought.

As the day went on, my inbox and blog reader took on an increasingly Valentine-ish hue. How prompt people were, how efficiently ahead of the calendar.

Sometime around six in the evening I finally put six and six together and made a dozen red roses.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Not tomorrow.

So I hope you had a lovely day.


Romany said...

ROTFLOL! You silly thing!

Jamie and I usually forget our wedding anniversary...

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not THAT bad - I usually mark wedding aniversaries in some way; in fact I organised a lovely trip away to a tiny island for our 10th anniversary.

Karen E. said...

I left Atticus home alone while I attended Phantom with the girls. We, too, are often quite practical about things like Valentine's Day, and check with each other: "Did you get me a card? No. Oh, good. I didn't either." Or, "You did? Oh, no ... now I need to go get one for you."