Sunday, August 26, 2007

What animal are you?

It is the middle of the night and Little Cherub decided it was time to party. (Yes sweetheart, those shiny bangles are very pretty, but could we play putting them on and taking them off in the morning, not at 2.30 am?). So instead of sleeping I have been reading blogs and taking quizzes. I'm not too sure about the result of this one, though cocoa sounds good.

You're a Gorilla!

Highly social and group-oriented, you like hanging out with the same people constantly. You have either black or gray hair and spend a good deal of time grooming it or getting others to groom it for you. Sleep is a big part of your daily routine and you like to either make very loud noise or no noise at all. You have more skills with language than most, however. One of your absolute favorite drinks is hot cocoa.

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Beate said...

LOL - too funny! I'm a moose 'cause I get stuff stuck in my hair a lot =D!