Monday, August 20, 2007

Little Cherub's book choice ... Little Lamb

Little Cherub likes books, but until recently she only liked looking at them by herself, and considered any attempt to read them to her or look at them with her an unwarranted parental intrusion. She now likes to look at pictures with us and ... da, da! ... to listen to a story. One story. Little Lamb by Kim Lewis. It is a board book we found at the library, with clear pictures and short, simple text describing how a farmer's daughter bottle feeds a lamb. In Little Cherub's view this is the ultimate in literature and must be read at least five times consecutively. Every night.

I only discovered Kim Lewis's books when Star was at the top end of the age range for them. She has written and illustrated some lovely picture books about farm life in northern England, such as Floss, Emma's Lamb and First Snow. Worth checking out for pre-schoolers. There are also two more toddler board books - Little Calf and Little Puppy. I'm hoping our library will have these too.


Christine said...

My children have all enjoyed Kim Lewis' books. My son's favorite story by Kim Lewis is The Shepherd Boy.

Jennifer said...

Every time I or any other family member visited Britian while Marianna was small they were tasked with finding the latest Kim Lewis book and bringing it back for us.

Jennifer in TX said...

Thank you for introducing me to this author. I am going to try to find some of her books for my 2 year old!!

dorothy said...

They *are* beautiful books!

I remember that board book stage. I have lots of photos of mine trying to eat them! {g}