Monday, May 07, 2007

Where are you on the political compass?

Hmmm! Very interesting! Recognising that the old distinctions between left and right have blurred and become more complex, The Political Compass claims to make it possible to map your political leanings more accurately by using four points of reference - left, right, authoritarian and libertarian.

I find it increasingly difficult to define myself politically, as I feel uncomfortable with all the main political parties here. I generally vote differently in local and national elections and my vote is largely personal rather than ideological. We are fortunate to have a Member of Parliament who is pro-life and pro-family - a great rarity in British politics - so he gets my vote regardless of party. To be honest, if I had to vote solely along party lines I am not sure I would feel able to vote at all. From my position of political disillusion I was intrigued to see where I would fall on the political compass.

The result? I am mildly left and libertarian. Left? As I was almost exactly in line with Pope Benedict XVI, I will settle for that - though he was authoritarian where I was libertarian, courtesy of a distaste for overbearing government. The political figure closest to my position on the chart was Gandhi, another figure I admire.

So, where on the political compass are you? Take the test and find out.


Theresa said...

Very interesting!
I was strong left/slightly libertarian. Pretty much dead on Gandhi and close to Nelson Mandela, which is cool to me. Even cooler that I found I was diametrically opposed to George Bush, though I knew that already!LOL!

Anonymous said...

I was nearly dead center (!!!) with coordinates of .38 and .41, I wasn't near anyone. Hmmm.....


Faith said...

Hey, I am almostly exactly in the same place as Ghandi on the grid. Cool!

I have felt disenfranchised forever since the Democratic party embraced a pro-abortion stand. I am politically homeless. It is very discouraging.