Thursday, May 03, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good ... I am managing to do a reasonable number of workouts. I have decided I like the Taebo one much the best - it leaves me feeling fitter and stronger, rather than tired and achy. Every other day seems about right for now.

The bad ... while exercising yesterday, I stopped for a drink and knocked my glass of water over the wireless router. Our wireless connection disappeared.

The ugly ... several wasted hours and much frustration later I can't resurrect the router, or find any way of getting an internet connection on either of our computers. I can like get a connection using my old broadband modem and my neighbours' laptop, but can't load it on to either my iMac or the WindowsVista (grrrr!) laptop.

Who is the patron saint of computers? I need help!


Anonymous said...

Saint Isadore of Seville. May he bless your internet connections!


Karen E. said...

I've heard that sometimes things just need a few days to dry out on their own, and then will function again. We'll pray that's the case!